2024 Sex Dolls for Men

158cm (5.18ft) Real Size Sexy Asian Sex Dolls Fumie

Very satisfied, would recommend this doll! Will say as others have, be careful of the weight class you get, this doll is heavy. However I like to feel like I was at the gym after sex and this does that for me.

158cm (5.18ft) Medium Boobs Sex Doll Tight Pussy Girl Nozomi

WOW!!! The doll looks EXACTLY like the picture…Lol… She looks like a young Asian woman to me!!! I am VERY pleased!!! This is my 2nd doll from this site… The quality since my first doll has INCREASED!!! GREAT JOB!!!

Best-Selling Luxury Sex Dolls

164cm (5.38ft) Silicone Head & Body Big Boobs Sex Doll Chinami FM6

I’m very impressed with the quality of the doll so far, everything arrived in great condition. The body shape is perfectly matched, and nice attention to detail on the face especially the eye brows and mouth.

165.5cm (5.43ft) Big Breasts Silicone Head & Body Sex Doll for Men Angelia FM6

Beautiful doll head and the body proportions are perfect! From the bust, the hips, thighs… everything! It is high quality and nice. Very easy assembly, beautiful face and hair. I would buy again.

2024 Japanese Real Love Dolls

158cm (5.18ft) Big Boobs Asian Lady Love Doll Etsuko

My wife and I have wanted another girlfriend for a while, but didn’t want to deal with the headaches that go along with one. This doll is the perfect third, she’s always there when we want her with no drama. My wife also loves dressing her up in cute and sexy outfits for play and pictures.

158cm (5.18ft) Big Breasts Sex Doll for Men Nariyo

Honestly this doll is sexy, I recommend the gel breasts for the extra bounce! It arrived in 3 weeks, I’m already thinking of getting another.

Most Popular Petite Sex Doll in 2024

136cm (4.46ft) Big Chest Mini Sex Doll RC21062424 Motoko

This is my first doll and was worried on how she would look when I received her. The moment I opened the box I knew I had absolute nothing to worry about. She is fantastic and looks amazing.

138cm (4.53ft) Small Chest Petite Love Doll RC21062409 Hiromi

The doll was every bit as beautiful as the pics. She is sexy and gets the job done very well! Need to order some more and build my harem.

Small Breasts Sex Dolls 2024

155cm ( 5.09ft ) Small Breast Thin Waist Sex Doll D09051602 Rosa

I purchased this doll because my last doll was too heavy and I couldn’t lift her without hurting my back. This doll is much lighter while still being real size, nice i can finally move my sex doll around the house without effort.

155cm ( 5.09ft ) Small Breast Thin Waist Sex Doll D19051601 Celia

I have owned multiple sex dolls as I am retired and have nothing better to do. This one is by far the best and she is truly unique. Everything from the packaging to the doll itself was just perfect and well worth the wait. I highly recommend this company.